Online Sale Is Not Adequate! Business Owners Should Take These into Account​

Nowadays, the expansion of internet usage has driven online businesses in Cambodia to boost remarkably. That is because some types of businesses do not require much capital expenditure to run, but they can receive reasonable revenues. Will online sales still go smoothly in the future? 

Mr. Te Sonyra presents in a conference on the theme “The Future of E-Commerce” at the National Institute of Cambodia on 13th October 2019.

To respond to the question above during the technology conference and exhibition under the theme “The Future of E-Commerce” at the National Institute of Cambodia on 13th October 2019, Mr. Te Soknyra, project manager of Zination Cambodia, stated that if we want our business to keep going and prospering, business owners should consider opening a physical shop in addition to the online shop.

Mr. Soknyra had brought up that selling online, or Social channels is a part of OMNI (multi-channel) which is a strategy that helps improve business and attract costumers to buy the products at our shop. Regarding opening the actual shop, it will build trust in consumers to buying our products or services and this effective strategy in selling will make the businesses expand even more.   

Strategies from Brick and Mortar Stores Channel about enticing customers to come to our actual shops are listed below:

1.     Keep in contact with customers through emails

2.     Use of catalogs and online advertising to promote the products

3.     Give out flyers to those who come to the shop

4.     Use coupons to make our shops more appealing to customers

5.     Do advertisements

6.     Provide benefits to customers, for example, earning purchase points to redeem for souvenirs and discount card

By: Hon SreyNit