Beyond The Health of The Citizens, This Entrepreneur Has An Admirable Mindset​

Chay Lo, the owner of Laey Baitong store, said that the name Laey Baitong, also called Green Basket, has a message to remind people across the country about the past when people always had a basket to put the products or goods when going to the market. So, the name is a reminder to every Cambodian to reduce the use of plastic bags. Laey is the name of Khmer traditional basket. 

Seeing the risk in the rise of plastic waste daily, it is not only impacting on the environment but also affects the health of humans and animals. Mr. Chay Lo mentioned that by using the name “Laey Baitong” as the store brand name because he wants to show people how to be environmentally friendly. For instance, when going shopping, they can use different types of baskets, lotus leaves, or banana leaves to reduce the impact on the environment.

In addition to the word Laey, he wants to show and promote the local products to support the livelihood of our Khmer farmers.

Laey Baitong was founded by a group of social entrepreneurs and some businesspeople from Battambong province. The purposes of this establishment are to provide safe fruits and vegetables to the people, to solve environmental problems by reducing the use of plastic, chemical fertilizer and pesticides, and to help contribute to improving people’s living conditions through supporting their products and ensuring the market value for them. 

For Laey Baitong's goal, “Our customers are living in good health while contributing to enhance the livelihood of local agricultural producers។”

Laey Baitong is a leading agribusiness enterprise connecting local producers , consumers and other key business stakeholders by providing local , fresh , safety and organic agricultural products with a convenient and friendly ordering & delivery system to make our consumers live healthier. 

By: Hon SreyNit