Loeb Riya, CEO of RL Supply: Internship Does Not Help You Make Much Money, But Gain Valuable Experiences​

Loeb Riya, CEO and Founder of RL Supply, has evolved from one step to another until he becomes a young successful entrepreneur. However, before he reaches this point, it was not an easy task. This young entrepreneur has been in various occupations for at least seven years.

He said that his first-ever job was a clerk in the marketing and sale department at a private company when he started to embark as a college student. At that time, he had to take charge of his study and his work, which was not a simple thing to do. As a clerk which we could assume as an intern was responsible to do every kind of work. He sometimes felt frustrated due to the tiredness of these workloads.

He also got irritated at a person who put too much work for him as well as he felt bad for himself that he should just live comfortably and not involve in these hard works.

“At that time, he was just an intern, yet he had a lot of work including sales, documenting, data collection, collecting strategies, and many other works with so little salary that was not even enough for half a month. Back then, I did not think of the advantages of those hard works,” said Mr. Riya.

Later, he resigned the job to find a new one, but then it made him realize that being an intern was responsible for a lot of work, but he had good experiences, knowledge, and skills from the internship. The best experiences he gained were how to effectively communicate with customers, how to negotiate with clients, how to sell products or services, and how to get the job done smoothly. There were many more wonderful experiences he gained from the internship including responsibility over the work, work communication with colleagues, and there were more valuable experiences that he learned from his first internship.

This first internship enabled him to take advantages of successive jobs. It helped him to continue improving himself from an employee to a manager, then from a senior manager to a successful business owner.

“I have not achieved a great achievement yet, but now I reach my destination and I will continue working toward the long-term goals that I had set,” he added. “Though it takes quite some time, I can come this far because of my first beginning day and my inexperienced internship, without it, I do not think it is possible for me to reach this point.”

Regarding work, he emphasized that internship is not the only way to improve yourself but what is more important is when you apply for the job in any company or organization. Do not be afraid of the boss or afraid of too much work. You should remember that all kinds of work is the opportunity for you to learn from it and use it to focus on your future goal.

By: Hon SreyNit