Giving Value to Employees is a Crucial Factor Leads to the Success of a Business​

Tim Leakhena, Founder of CARINO, said that a business can succeed when everyone in the team values each other.

Carino’s process of creating a local apparel brand for the past five years has faced many challenging, but also fun times.  Despite the difficulties and losses, CARINO has never encountered layoffs due to job dissatisfaction.

The young female entrepreneur shared some of her strategies in working and attracting employees to stay in her business.

  1. Give Value to Employees: She emphasized that regardless of who we are or who our employees are, everyone has dignity and value. Respecting and giving value to employees is one of the most respectful actions.
  2. Training: Training is necessary because workers with a solid understanding and knowledge will help the business on the road to success.
  3. Treat employees like a family member: A family consists of people living in the same house, but they can’t escape fights. When we treat employees like a family member, we will cohesively work together to seek solutions rather than find mistakes in each other. We will have new experiences in finding solutions for our customers, but also within our team.
  4. Giving Opportunities: She has offered opportunities to many women, especially those with sewing skills, but do not have the time to work physically at the store. She allows those women to sew clothes at home with her administering the quality of their work.

Ms. Leakhena also points out that even though we treat employees like a family member, we need to keep in mind that rules should still be enforced because excessive close feelings may cause employees to be disobedient and disrespectful. Treating employees like a family will help to foster the relationships between employers and employees, ensure that a business runs smoothly, and provide advantages to both parties.

By: Noeut Sokhoeun