CARINO’s Owner Tim Leakhena: 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Clothing Store​

Wanting to start a business does not mean you can begin at any given moment. Following the footsteps of successful people does not guarantee your success. With a 5 year-experience in the garment industry, the founder of Cambodian clothing store CARINO, Tim Leakhena shared with us 5 things entrepreneurs should consider if they are looking into opening a clothing store.

  1. Being familiar with the systems of that sector: Leakhena said that running this garment business doesn’t require you to have the sewing skills of a tailor.  However, it is required that you understand the work of this field which could potentially lead to better staff management.
  2. Determining the targeted customers:  What types of customers do you want to see your products?  What age categories?  You need to know and understand your products and your customers.
  3. Raw materials: If we are a manufacturer (tailor-made), if that is the case, then we as owners should know the materials used to make the products.
  4. Location and shop design:  The location is very important as we need to find the right place for our product.  Plus, the design of the shop must give off the same vibes and feelings as the products to attract customers.
  5. Finding customers: In the present-day market, it is the owners who must seek out for the customers, not vice versa.  As a result, we need to be prepared in finding and losing customers.

By: Kimsreng Lay