Three Tips to Developing Your Work and Business​

Everyone wishes to be a successful employee or entrepreneur. But, how can you develop yourself to reach that point of success?

Ms. Tak Pisith Rathlida, Executive Chairman of VR Event Planner said, “I am not going to talk about how much capital we need or how good your business plans should be because I believe people have already heard and read from other successful entrepreneurs and business people.

I would like to share three slightly different tips that are easy, but crucial to prepare before becoming a successful worker or entrepreneur, but also necessary to build up the skills for those who want to start a business.”

  1. Ask yourself what you like: When you work on a project you like, you will not feel exhausted when operating it because you only want to make it better, especially when obstacles emerge. It is not a problem if you still don’t know what you like, but you need to be committed to doing it the best of your ability.
  2. Friends: You need to be careful with the people you are surrounded with. Friends, especially people in your workplace have over 50% influence on you once you become independent and mature because you often spend more time with them than your family. You can’t become an eagle if you spend your time with chickens eating worms on the ground. That is to say, choose the right people who have similar mindsets, beliefs, and visions to surround you.
  3. Find available resources and use to their maximum capacity: This resource doesn’t refer to your capital. You need to seek people who already succeeded and have hands-on experience. There are already a lot of successful people in Cambodia. Find them. Ask them for advice, get to know them, and attend their workshops, if possible. Real life experience is the most important factor.

By: Noeut Sokhoeun