The Key to Success is Competing Against Yourself​

As a successful businessman, CEO of Ratanak Pool Co., Ltd., Seng Sophal shared with us some tips on how to become triumphant both in life and business.

In an interview with the BizKh Asia, Mr. Sophal said the only real challenge he had to overcome was his weaknesses.  Growing up in a family with economic hardships, he started working at a young age to meet his daily needs and continue his academic life. 

After finishing his education, Seng Sophal worked for a while using his architecture skills until three companies were born along with a branch of the swimming pool company, located in Siem Reap province.  With his sharp observation, he was able to recognize the high demand for swimming pool equipment.  As a result, he decided to set up and ran the company until it became well-known.

"What challenges and threats do you embrace as an opportunity to develop?" 

"Every business is challenging and intimidating, but the real challenge that helps me grow as a businessman is a competition with myself," replied Sophal. 

"Being competitive against yourself does not mean ignoring our competitors, instead what we need to do is know our competitors and identify their weaknesses and shortcomings while trying to provide the best customer service," he went on.

He added that the competitions are everything, but the important thing is to know and understand yourself and determine your own identity with specific goals set in mind and know how to achieve them.

With love and determination, try to accomplish your goals, and your hard work will pay off someday.

Founded in 2015, Ratanak Pool Company’s services include constructing swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzi spas, and natural waterfall foundation and fishpond and supplying equipment installations and chemicals for pools.  It is considered to be one of the most advanced companies in this niche in the Cambodian market.

By: Kimsreng Lay