Tak Pisith Rathlida, Co-founder of VR Event Planner, Shares Key Points to Attract Customers​

What is the driving force for the success of a business? When a business is on the road to success, business owners focus on finding new ways to keep old customers, but also find new customers. However, what are some of the factors that business owners are overlooking?

Ms. Tak Pisith Rathlida, a Co-founder and Executive Chairman of VR Event Planner said, “In order for the company to grow to where it is today, I and the administration team have always focused on two key points, but I will start from the second point.”

Second Point: Customers

It is definitely a fact that without customers’ support, our business will not thrive to where we are today. “To satisfy our customers, we need to understand what type of products or service are they using.  Once we find information about their service or products and at what amount of money they are operating, we need to think and establish a plan and consult with our customers regarding the different available options and which one is the best for them.”

"The main thing we do is keep our promise to the service that we have agreed together. A service that is appropriate with the price, but also exceed our customers’ expectations,” she emphasized. 

First Point: Defined Plan for the Team

“The first and foremost point is a defined plan for the team. We have heard that without customers, we can’t succeed. The same is true that if we do not have a plan for the team, there will be no one to deliver our service,” she added.

“I often call my team “VR family”. We, in the administration team, is like a parent to them, so we need to make plans, delegate tasks and the workforce, and backup plans when an event successfully finished or run into obstacles. We often have meetings to share new ideas and listen to every team member. We are a big family, and we have many available positions for them to develop themselves into future leaders for our team.”

Responding to a question about what is the biggest competitor for VR Event Planner, she stated, “Before, we were competing for an appropriate price because a lot of clients choose the service from a more affordable company because expense is their priority. After receiving service from those companies, they realized that those companies do not deliver the service as agreed together, so those clients come back to request for our service. I do not intend to say that every cheap service is bad, or every expensive service is good. What I am saying is that it is important to learn about the history of the different companies. Clients should go to see when those companies are physically delivering the service in order to know their capabilities and the type of materials used.”

She also addressed that VR Event Planner always keep their  “We Do More” culture to their customers. This is the tagline that encourages our team to be caring and responsible when doing our work.

VR Event Planner is a local company that currently specializes in delivering a 360-degree service related to Event Management, Branding Strategy, Digital Marketing, and other advertising videos. In nearly a year of operations, the company currently has about 80 local and international clients. Some of them are contractual and some are “Project-based”, which means they ask for the service whenever they host an event.

By: Noeut Sokhoeun