Education Ministry re-opens schools in August​

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport is planning to re-open schools across the country in August in three stages. 

Speaking in a press conference on July 03, Dr. Yok Sambath, the State Secretary of Health Ministry, stated that in the first phase, ministry of education will allow 15 international schools with high standard, including Japanese, English, American and French institutes, which have around 20,000 students, to operate. 

“Before re-opening, each school has to file application to education ministry, so the working group will go to inspect whether the school complies with the standard and preventative measures of the ministry. After that, ministry and the school will sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to officially open,” said Dr. Sombath.

She added that all schools must follow the health ministry’s guidance like social distancing, 15 students in a classroom, and Covid-19 testing on teachers and students before the class starts.

Education Ministry spokesperson Ros Soveacha said the school re-opening will be divided in three phases in accordance with health safety standards. The first phase is for high-standard schools. Medium-standard schools will be next and finally minimum-standard schools.

He also added that the ministry is cooperating with relevant stakeholders, especially the ministries of health and economic on well-being and socio-economic factors. 

Mr. Soveacha emphasized that he ministry would inform the public about the exact dates and closely monitor the first stage before lauching the second and third stages.

By: LUNG Vannak