Yearning to Improve Education Sector, Mio Ngorn Perseveres in Creating a School Management System​

Mr. Mio Ngorn, CEO and founder of Poscar Cambodia which is a company that specializes in creating and providing a school management system called Digital Education.

Lecturing at the university level and with over 15 years of experience in information technology focusing on school management, he recognizes some deficiencies in today's education system. This becomes a factor that drives him to open this business.

In a seminar organized in Cambodia Securities Exchange, Mr. Ngorn stated that initially the idea of creating this (Digital Education) was not intended for business, but it is because he used to be a student from the province who came to study in Phnom Penh and went through many obstacles. He imagined a day when he would be more prepared, have more knowledge, more friends, and connections, he would do something for the country, especially in the education sector.

With experience in the education system as a student to a lecturer, he recognized that Cambodia had deficiencies in a school management system, such as not well-defined systems, time-wasting on paperwork, inaccurate and time-consuming in transferring of information.

He started to assess himself, “today what am I good at? What kind of skills do my friends have that could be assembled to create something new for improving the management in education. For him, 15 years for experiences make him an expertise in some laws in the education sector, knowing what are the stages in education, the demand for education at each level, and encountering friends with skills in system management (expertise in information technology) to help support this work. So, organizing the school management system to cater to the policy made by the Ministry of Education makes the work a crucial achievement which is a digital education system.

He also mentioned that by organizing the school management system digitally, he had envisioned its longevity since he first started. He had questioned how this system would satisfy its need locally. When it is successful in Cambodia, can it expand to the neighboring countries in ASEAN and other places?

Poscar Cambodia’s digital school management system started in 2016. The company was finding a school to test the system. It is confirmed that the first school to use the system is New Generation School in Preah Sisowath High school.

It should be mentioned that the product or service that Poscar Cambodia company offered is recognized by the government especially the Ministry of Education. The school management system digitally displays the data of the number of students in school, absence data, as well as the transcript.

Poscar Cambodia also plans to create a mobile app that allows students to stay tuned to their scores. The app also simplifies the process of requesting a transcript, eliminating wasting time. Moreover, the mobile app also advantages the parents or guardians in tracking the student’s academic performance.

By: You Narun