B-Fly Studio’s Founder, Seng Bopha, Revels Three Tips to Improve and Strengthen Self-Development​

The perspective of success and self-development principles of every individual are sometimes similar and other times different depending on experience as well as the knowledge they obtained throughout their life. For instance, the founder of B-Fly-Aerial Fitness Studio, Ms. Seng Bopha shared three important tips that she has implemented for improving herself and her business.

  1. First is learning. This founder told that “if we want to improve ourselves, always wear a student hat.” Even if you are a student, worker, or business owner, if you want improvement, you need to continue to learn. It is not important whoever you learn from; those are knowledge and experience for us. However, if you are thinking that you know everything, then there will be no more space for improvement.
  2. Second is discipline. Overcoming laziness from day to day is am an important success. Our environment is sometimes a contributing factor to stress. For instance, when Ms. Bopha learned aerial fitness for the first time in Thailand, she went through many obstacles until she finished it successfully. She spent almost 2 hours traveling to one-hour-class. Although that sounds like it is nothing momentous, she mentions that it is her overcoming laziness and she thinks that it is an important step toward success in the future.
  3. Lastly, the young founder stated, “To start any successful and long-lasting business, we need to truly love what we do because this love is the motivation that pushes to overcome any obstacles even if it is difficult or tiring.”

By: You Narun