Integrity, Responsibility and Sharing are the Investment in Success​

Commitment to responsibility is a factor that contributes to the surging supports of consumers. Mr. Seng Sophal, CEO of Ratanak Pool Co., Ltd, said, “Responsibility in the name of business owner and leader is what pushes him to be who he is today. Although at the beginning of his business journey, his company struggled to find 5 projects in a year.”

“When a business owner has a sense of responsibility as well as commitment and connections to the people around him or her, that is an opportunity to open a business even though there is sometimes small capital," he added.

The responsibility in a business is satisfying his customers with results rather than giving excuses because it is believed that maintaining his customers’ trust through results is the value Ratanak Pool Co., Ltd offers to its customers.

Similarly, managing employees must be equally important. Mr. Sophal also mentioned that a company is be parents as the employees to their children. The affections and closeness to employees are what the owner of the company needs to create and to show the responsibility as a leader.

Moreover, even though Ratanak Pool Co., Ltd is a swimming pool equipment and maintenance company, the company buys equipment from suppliers. He states, “A buyer has a role in being responsible to maintain the connection with the suppliers because if there is no supplier, the business won’t be going smoothly. The responsibility as a buyer is setting a fixed quantity and duration of the suppliers whether they are local or international to avoid inconsistency and slow delivery which can affect the whole business.”

By: You Narun