Cambodia Spends Almost USD 80 Million for Social Assistance Amid COVID-19 Pandemic​

The Royal Government​ has spent roughly USD 78 million to assist the impoverished and vulnerable groups of people impacted by COVID-19 crisis. 

His Excellency Aun Pornmoniroth, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance, affirmed that since the Cash Transfer program was launched wherein the period of COVID-19 pandemic, the government has spent the national budget for approximately USD 78 million as the financial aid for penurious people. 

The following assertion was stated during the official visit to Markus Buerli, Director of Swizz Agency for Development and Cooperation in Cambodia (SDC).

H.E Deputy Prime Minister also underlined the continuation of the following up of the situation and endless effort in running social assistance program to alleviate the difficulties of impoverished families. 

Mr. Markus Buerli expressed a deep appreciation of the effective implementation of the social measures by the government to contain and prevent a further spread of COVID-19. 

By: Kimlong HAK