Kong Soliya, Co-founder of Joonnaak: 3 Tips That Transportation & Logistics Businesses Should Know​

While online shopping is slowly replacing products purchased at physical stores in Cambodia, inefficient delivery is becoming a prominent logistical issue. 

Mr. Kong Soliya, Co-founder and CEO of “Joonaak,” shared his expertise in the transportation & logistics business. 

Firstly, your delivery service determines the future of your business. Customers are not concerned about the origins and the delivery history of their ordered products. Simply put, they want their products to arrive at the right place and time. Upon receiving the delivery, the delivery guy must set the right impression of being punctual. Had the courier showed up late, customers might not purchase items from your company anymore even before reviewing your products. 

You need to know what types of deliveries the customers want. As a service provider, you must acquire the types of deliveries that your customers want. Sometimes, customers change their minds mid-way, so it is your utmost responsibility to readjust your delivery schedules to fit the updated time and place that your customers want their products delivered. 

Customers want convenience. Customers do not want any complications with their address. They get annoyed by picking up calls from the courier asking them where their house is. 

Furthermore, Mr. Soliya also expressed a few other logistical issues that need to be taken into consideration. 

  1. Delivering small packages to a lot of customers means that you need to distribute items to many locations, resulting in delays and inconveniences for customers.
  2. Deliveries require labor and workers: They will be working for long hours and will inevitably be exhausted.
  3. Problems with the address of customers: Not every house has a correctly labeled address. Some places are harder to find even with the help of the customers.
  4. Problems with customers: Some customers change their destinations at the last minute.
  5. Safety: Complications may also arise from the company itself and from lacking a safe storage unit. In other countries, delivery companies can deliver products to their customers’ doorsteps by just informing their customers.

Mr. Kong Soliya also stressed the importance of understanding your customers’ demands and providing convenience. Couriers are also very crucial because they are the base of your businesses. 

By: Pon Lorngdy