Lobster Farming Becomes Popular in Kompong Chnnang Province​

Lobster farming becomes popular in Kompong Chhnang province as the business provides high income and high market demand. 

Nong Narith, the owner of Chet Sreyoun lobster farm in Chamkar Kly village, Svay Chrum commune, Rolea Bier district, Kompong Chhnang province, told the national radio that he has been raising freshwater Australian lobster for more than a year, and currently, this type of lobster gains high price and have higher demand which facilitates his better livelihood. 

He added that before he used to raise Cambodian lobster, but there were many challenges, especially in hatching, so he decided to raise Australian lobster as it is more convenient in breeding and care, and importantly, there is high market demand. 

Mr. Nong Narith said that the average price of freshwater Australian lobster is between $20 to $30 per kilogram depends on its size. In his farm, lobsters are not raised for its meat, instead the farm sells only baby lobsters and hens (female lobsters). The average price for a baby lobster is 2,000 riels and hens are sold for $5 per pair. 

The price of lobster is approximately $30 per kilogram but his farm rarely has the meat for sale as the customers commonly buy baby lobsters from the price range between 4,000 to 10,000 riels or some small baby lobsters can be sold for only 2,000 riels, or sometimes 1,000 riels depends the buying amount while the hens can be sold for $5 per pair. He also plans to expand this business as he has already bought more lands for digging two more ponds in the upcoming dry season. 

He stated that with only $500 of capital, farmers could build a lobster farm by buying hens to breed and sell its baby for increasing income. Also, if the farmers have already had ponds, then 200,000 riels is enough for a startup. 

SOURCE: Ministry of Information