Tourist Destinations in Steung Treng Province Luring Visitors​

Six tourist destinations in Steung Treng Province still attract visitors during the pandemic because of the available natural resources and the enticing views to help serve the tourism industry.

The photo of Preah Nimeth waterfall in Steung Treng province. 

Orn Pue Seurn, the director of Steung Treng Provincial Department of Tourism, said that the province is at the intersection of four different rivers: Mekong River, Sesan River, Sekong River, and Sre Pok River. He also emphasized that the success of this northeastern province is due to the benefits of the green trees from the flooded forests, the big and small rocks, rivers and lakes, creating a lot of areas for people to go for recreational activities, especially during public holidays.

The photo of Kampi resort in Steung Treng province | Photo: Information Ministry

 He also added that currently there are six different places in the province that pull tourists into the province:

1.     “Onlong Psot Cheur Teal”

2.     Ramsar Flooded Forests

3.     Vireak Chey National Park

4.     Borei O’ Svay 

5.     Middle Orussey

6.     Chankar Krouch: In this destination, tourists can ride boats to look for the dolphins along with the different species of birds. This site also allows visitors to swim under the big trees along with the beautiful beaches as well as camping.

Out of the above places, “Onlong Psot Cheur Teal”, located in Preas Romkel Commune, Borei O’ Svay Sen Chey district along the Cambodia-Laos border is the most popular. The area has dolphins and waterfalls that connect with Ramsar region along with the beautiful views of the mountainous area.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, there are still some tourists visiting the place. He also called for domestic and international investors to help develop this region such as more transportation services on the rivers in order to facilitate the travel for visitors.

By: Noeut Sokhoeun