Kuy Vat, CEO of VTrust: One Thing to Think Before Starting A Business​

Kuy Vat, the president and CEO of VTrust Group, said, “building up a team is the most important thing entrepreneurs should consider when starting a business.”

He added, “when I first started a business, I didn’t think of this point until I started to releaize that it was absolutely crucial.” 

“some businesses that don’t have a team yet do all sorts of businesses. In other words, they just follow others and some just start running a business without thinking about teamwork,” said Mr. Vat. 

He mentioned, “ I started an IT company and later opened Park Café, and these two businesses are different so it requires us to have a lot of strength in managing those companies.” 

This prominent business owner added, “when we aren’t able to form a team yet, we do so much at the same time that we lose focus and face a financial problem. Park Cafe also had a financial issue in 2008.” 

Mr. Kouy Vat continued with a firm face, “had I known about how to build a team, I would have done an even better job.”