Founder of Cam-Paint Soum Sambath: "3Cs Model to Win Over Customers"​

Speaking in a workship on the theme of Negotiation Skills, “To win over customers, use this effective 3Cs formula,” said Soum Sambath, the founder of Cam-paint and a rhetoric public speaker in Cambodia. He descriped 3Cs formula as below: 

  1. Convenience: Make your business convenient for your customer despite ordering or buying goods, contacting sales, or making payments.
  2. Caring: Give your utmost care to every customer at all times. For instance, do not wait for customers to contact for more product sales but take initiatives and call them to ask if they need to buy any more goods. No matter what situation, you must genuinely take care of them. 
  3. Cost: Products should be affordable for most people. This also makes it easy for your retailers to set a price that they can profit from your products in the market. 

By: An Youlin