Pailin Provincial Governor Visits Cambodia's Biggest Bee Farm​

The Governor and the Deputy Provincial of Pailin, and his colleagues inspected a bee farm in Suon Ampov Keut village, Pailin commune on August 29th, 2020.


Dr. Kuoy Thea attributes the high production of bees and honey production in Pailin to the province’s abundant longan and cassava plantations. These two plants grow pollens, which serves as bees’ biggest source of sugar. 


Statistically speaking, one hectare of tamarind plantation can host one beehive, and one container can put ten bee baffles. When the longan plants release its fruits, one bee baffle can provide one liter of honey, which is retailed at 10 US dollars. 


Dr. Kuoy Thea also notes that the unstable water supply is a limitation of the production of honey. Inadequate water dampers the growth of cassava and longan plants, which consequentially put a cap on how much bees can be bred every season. 


The Minister appreciated and praised the team for their successes. Understanding the benefits of honey and the role of bees in assisting in the field of crop breeding, the Minister advised the team to strive to expand this production and study the regional product (GI) for Pailin.


The Minister supported the idea of creating the Pailin Honey Production Community to increase production and promote local honey products.



By: Pon Lorngdy