The First School in Cambodia to Close Permanently​

All schools have been closed nationwide since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. Most are striving hard to stand up while some are falling into bankruptcy due to not be able to spend​ on operation. 

As a result, Kids Castle International School is the first school in Cambodia which forced itself to permanently shut down from July 1, according to an announcement on the school Facebook page. 

The school statement on its Facebook page is made on July 1, 2020.

“We cannot bear with spending on 100% building rent every month and spending on our staff, including teachers,  and since we have closed, the Ministry of Education has not informed the definite time to reopen it,” according to the staement posted on July 1st.

The school principal also expressed her deepest sorrow and heartbreak.  

“As the school principal, I am really sad and in pain that I have made this tough decision. In order to support the operation of the school, I have been trying really hard since the midst of March,” said the school principal.

“We spent every month and the re-opening of school is not certain. What is more, I have no support and understanding from relevant stakeholders (except all parents).”

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports announced the school closure of both private and public schools across the country since the 12 confirmed cases on March 16, 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The ministry plans to extend the closure until November.

By: LUNG Vannak