Song Khenglean, President of CSL: To Run A Food Processing Company, You Must Consider Hygiene and Quality Control​

Customer support is a key factor in running every business. However, how can you earn the customer’s trust? Frankly, integrity in quality control and safety assurance for the customers are essential to earn that trust and support. 

Song Khenglean, a food safety expert and president of CSL Enterprise, shared some methods for setting up an enterprise that meet with standard hygiene and quality control. 

This expert stated that according to the regulations and rules for food processing, the first thing to consider about is the location, preparation, and workspaces. 

“For example, my enterprise produces banana chips. Thus, when it comes to retrieving raw materials, we need to know where to cut bananas and where to wash them. We cannot place the raw material next to the final product because the standard hygiene is completely different,” said Mr. Khenglean.

Another point is that we must train our staff proper hygiene rules because employees could transmit infection as well. Sometimes, the workplaces may be well-organized, but the staff members lack hygiene awareness as they do not wear the right working gears like a right hat. They sometimes wear jewelry or get out of the bathroom without washing their hands. This is not to blame the staff at all because sometimes the preparation team fails to facilitate them at these working stations. 

The next point is about cleaning up after work. After work, how do we clean up the facilities? Or do we leave it for tomorrow to clean up? What would happen if we leave it for a night before cleaning up? Clearly, there will be insects. But also, even with deep cleaning, sometimes we could miss them; however, we cannot completely get rid of germs from insects .

Lat but not least, we must prevent pests such as mice, cockroaches or ants. We must prepare ahead of time to deal with pests. Therefore, we need to close and take of the facilities properly. For example, if a product needs air, we can the net to cover it. Some products need to be cold. We keep them in closed area and use air conditioner instead of opening the window.

By: Sam Sieha