One Strategy for Managing a Business Effectively: Va Sokchin, Managing director of Best Life Product​

The young managing director of Best Life Product, a prominent supplier of bird’s nest drink, Ms Va Sokchin is a role model for many Cambodians who won award in the 6th ASEAN Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award. She shared one personal strategy that she often uses to effectively manage her business.

In response to questions about effective business management strategies, she said, "use your heart."

She added that, "it is essential that a company can mobilize its human resources to work. For my company, most employees use their hands to complete their tasks. Thus, it is important to motivate the staff and encourage them." 

She mentioned that as a company owner, she needs to be supportive of her employees when they are faced with any difficulties. Besides encouraging them at work, we must allow them to be happy and give them warmth, especially during the holiday seasons. The company must host fun events and celebration for the employees.

In addition, it is important that the company helps strengthen the employees’ skill sets as they will help the company grow rapidly. Mrs. Sokchin emphasized how her company always offers its employees the opportunities to attend conference and seminars, to improve their skills, and to study abroad. This is because employees are the key to a strong company. The stronger the employees, the faster the company will grow.