From A Regular Woman to A Founder of Hospital Management System, Peth Yoeung​

First Womentech Asia Co., LTD., (FWTA) a software development company, specializes in creating a program, called “Peth Yoeung” which is a Hospital Operating Management System. The system is perfect for private and public healthcare institutions—Hospital, Polyclinics and Clinics who face EMR and Hospital Operating Management in the tech and digital age.

This operanal system has been recognized by the government, especially the Ministry of Health on hospital management, and it also has received Award for Female Entrepreneur in Information Technology organized by the tech community of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

In an interview with BizKh Asia, Pong Limsan, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FWTA, said First Womentech Asia Co., LTD., is the first company developed the hospital management system for the medical works, founded by a female Cambodian entrepreneur.

From 2013 to 2016 First Womentech Asia Co., LTD. spent all time researching, then started programing, surveying and informing the public on the advantages of this program. 

Before hospitals understood the advantages of using this program, it was not easy. Ms. Limsan had been through many obstacles in persuading relevant authorities and deploying training to medical employees on this management system.

She stated that the reason for her to create this management program for hospitals is because she found difficulties with storing patients’ information. It takes a lot of time to find the documents related to patients who have used the hospital service before because the information was stored on paper and sometimes it was lost or destroyed. 

Some patients have had reaction to a certain type of drug, and the doctors have noted, but there are too many documents the doctors won’t be able to know the history of his patients’ drugs because the prescription that the doctor gave is lost.

These are the factors that push her to decide to create this management program with the purpose of solving these problems for the patients as well was the hospital since she is an expert in information technology. 

As a result, her determination and willingness to help solve social problems has not gone to waste. Her Our Doctor program has relieved the problems in many hospitals and today there are 111 hospitals which use the service from her company. Among them, there is one public hospital, Ang Dong Hospital, and many other private ones.

Although the program can be successful in national stage and is taking step to compete in the international stage soon, Ms. Limsan is continuing her work to install the management system Hospital Digitalize to all the hospitals, especially provincial level, district level, national and level and health centers to the help the society. 

This is a proud moment that a Cambodian, especially a female entrepreneur strives in the technology sector and can go to compete in the international stage.

By: You Narun