Mok Yong, A Physics Outstanding Student: 5 Tips to Be Good At Physics​

Mr. Mok Yong, a former physics outstanding student and a grade A student in 2019 National Exam

Physics is one of the most essential science subjects for secondary and high school students. This subject can be challenging for some students as it demands critical thinking on natural phenomena and remembers formulas and theoretical explanations to solve exercises. 

Students who aim to take the grade 9 national outstanding student examination may consider strengthening the ability from grade 7 while for those who have high commitment to step up to the national outstanding student examination in grade 12 should also sharpen the skills from grade 7 and build a strong foundation in grade 10 and 11. 

Below are the key techniques for outstanding student and baccalaureate examination preparation shared by Mok Yong, a former outstanding student in the 2019 National Examination (BacII). Mr. Yong was also a Grade A student in the 2019 Baccalaureate Exam and currently, he is pursuing an academic degree at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC). 

  1. The basic foundation in Math
    Solving physics problems requires a medium foundation in math because physics relies on phenomena analytics and calculation. The basic math skill that students need to know to include the calculation on square root, exponentiation, equation, limit, derivatives, integral and operate vectors.
  2. Obtaining sufficient materials
    Aside from documents provided by teachers in class, students must find additional learning materials in order to strengthen their capacity. Studying materials can be retrieved from libraries, seniors, teachers, friends, or bookstores. The documents include practice exercises, past-year exams, and books.
  3. Remembering Formulas and Understand Phenomena
    Invest more times on reading, memorize key takeaways, remember formulas, and deeply understand the phenomena of physics. Some phenomena can be identical, so if students clearly understand, it may not be challenging in solving the exercises. For memorizing techniques, students may repeatedly rewrite formulas and keep practicing the same exercise formats.
  4. Preparatory Learning from teachers and Group Studies
    Students should create a small group study to supplement with teachers on the complicated exercises to enhance their capacity. After you solve the problems, you may verify your answer to the answer sheets or get your answer corrected by teachers. When you lack the understanding of phenomena, you revise the lesson that correlates with the exercises to obtain a better understanding of solving upcoming exercises.
  5. Do not underestimate your abilities and others
    Students have to be humble and adaptable when seeking assistance or exercises from seniors or teachers. Do not be over-proud or underestimate your ability. Try to capture the understanding of all lessons from the secondary to high school level because test papers can be retrieved from every corner. Therefore, it would be better if you are well-prepared before the exam.

    In addition to the mention tips, you must ensure a healthy lifestyle through having nutritious diets, maintaining eating consistency, and getting enough sleep. 

By: Kimlong