Success in Business due to Great Ambition, says Rain Sina, founder of Asia Point Investment & Development​

To gain success is not easy; it requires patience, peristancy, hard-work, and not giving up. Having worked as an architect, an engineer, and a construction project manager, and ultimately an office manager, Rain Sina, the Founder and General Manager of Asia Point Investment & Development Company, did not give although faced counless challenges and obstacles, but he ties hard to reach success because of his strong ambition. 

His biggest ambition was to promote the national image globally where words will travel around the world claiming, “Cambodian construction companies have the same quality services and constructions as foreign companies.” 

Mr. Sina said to describe the obstacles he faced along the way while running his company.  Those hindrances include losing to foreign companies when bidding for projects (as the project owners believe that his company is just a small local company), lacking capital resources, and delays in project completion for various setbacks such as delays in transporting equipment and resources and arising issues with utility companies.  

Despite all these impediments, he was able to complete his construction projects by resolving the problems on time on a sincere and non-abandonment basis and honesty and frank talks with all involving parties, including project owners and resources and equipment suppliers.

“Asia Point Investment & Development Company and myself believe that honesty is the most important factor in this line of work for gaining our customers’ trust, and it is one of the reasons that allow me to succeed and stand here today,” said the young founder.

He added that besides receiving business income, he loves to maintain good relations and memories with relevant authorities, clients (project owners), equipment and resource suppliers, and workers.  

He also will continue to make the company prosper and become more reputable so that Asia Point Investment & Development Company will remain standing and being well-known in future generations.