The Stunning Beauty of Angkor Wat Complex Coming Soon​

The project of Angkor Wat temple decoration. | Photo: Information Ministry

Apsara Authority spokesman Long Kosal stated on August 28 the west site of Angkor Wat temple was being decorated with green grass, evergreen trees, and colorful flowers with the magnificent scenery for tourists, according to the Ministry of Information. 

Workers are planting grass at the Angkor Wat complex. | Photo: Information Ministry

The authorities are working on preparing parks, planting grass and flowers, preparing the walking paths, and taking care of plants.

He added that the authorities are also laying the drains and cleaning the environment the west of Angkor Water temple to lure more tourists to come to visit and relax at the Angkor Archaeological Park.

He added that please do not forget to come to visit this one of the world’s heritage sites. You would experience an eye-catching view.

This reconstruction and renovations took place in early 2020. This involves decoration, preparing, and removal of some constructions and shops. So far, 150 stalls have been removed from the area.

By: LUNG Vannak