CEO of Codigate Technology Sok Sopheakmonkol: A Few Tips in Starting a Technology Business​

Sok Sopheakmonkol, a CEO and Founder of Codigate Technology, shared a few tips for those who are interesting in starting business in technology sector.

Mr. Sopheakmongol stated that it is up to the leaders and members of the company to be enthusiastic about discovering new innovations, especially in technological sector. This is because in this sector, technology is always evolving. So, one must be aware of the changes as well as consumers’ needs. Western countries are still using desktop computers, but for Asian countries like Cambodia, we are making leaps and bounds for the latest technological advances.

He added that this is why we must look not only at the technological side, but also consumers side. How much time do they spend on a particular technology? What kind of technology? Based on this information, we will able to develop products that would meet customers' needs. That is the point of the business.

Additionally, he mentioned that businesses need to have the right management system in place as it will be convenient for business owners to figure out if their management is effective or not.

Lastly, this entrepreneur said that, generally, in terms of doing business, we need to be aware of cash flow management, management of human resources, and management of sales. We must figure out how to effectively manage these different aspects.

By: Sam Seiha