Orthodontist Nam Chamnan: Five Tips to Help You Prepare for a Start-up​

With nearly 10 years of experience working as a staff and running a small business on her own, young female dentist Ms. Nam Chamnan opens a quality dental clinic, called Melvin Dental Care, which has 11 employees at the moment. The young entrepreneur shared five key tips that one should know and be prepared for if they want to start and run a business smoothly.

  1. Master One Specific Skill
    Ms. Chamnan mentioned that she only masters one specific skill and she has 10 years of experience on it. It is crucial to have a particular skill and start to improve it over time.
  2. Do NOT Follow Other People:
    She emphasized, "don’t try to follow what other people are doing. You should learn to do something different. If you just want to open a dental clinic like everyone else,  you will have nothing differnt from others. There is nothing outstanding about that." Ms. Chamnan is recognized by her friends in the field of orthodontics for her expertise, which is a uqniue selling point for the business.
  3. Do Something You love:
    We should do something that we love. Do not try to do anything forcefully. We will not last long, and we cannot do it well. Therefore, if we have the talent and the love, innovative ideas will come naturally. This will allow us tostand out from the crowd.
  4. Make Some Sacrifices:
    Sacrificing energy, resources, and time is inevitable when we are hungry for success and determined to start a business. This is because when we start a new business, we have to make a lot of sacrifices, not only time but also the fact that we will have to work harder than our employees. You must be mentally prepared and willing to spend money.
  5. Don’t Set Expectations Too High:
    Do not have too high expectations. The higher you expect, the more frustrated we will become. We must be prepared to give a second time try to everything. If our initial plan fails, what else can we do? These are things you need to do to prepare yourself mentally. 

By: San Seiha