Ministry of Environment Conducts a Training on the Prevention of Fake News and Security of Information System​

Mr. Neth Pheaktra is the secretary of state of environment ministry.

His Excellency Neth Pheaktra, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment, on 26 August presided in the training course on the “Prevention of Fake News Dissemination and Security of Information System” to civil servants from various departments of the Ministry of Environment. 

On this occasion, his excellency Neth Pheaktra emphasized the needs of disseminating accurate information to the public, providing regular reports and information on the endless efforts and contribution on work of government officials in the Ministry of Environment within national and sub-national levels on the environment to raise public awareness through traditional and modern media. On the other hand, if the public does not receive comprehend and concise information from the ministry, it is likely that there are the occurrence of facts distortion and the exaggeration of situations using misleading news and information by small groups of people. 

The training seminar is initiated by the department of information and dissemination of the general department of knowledge and environmental information with the participation of technical officers of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication. The training aimed to enhance the capacity of technical officers specializing in managing media and communication in order to strengthen the cybersecurity on the usage of social media. 

Mr. Pheaktra affirmed that all government officials must obtain an understanding of the security system of social media and deliberately oppose misleading and fake news. 

His Excellency secretary of state reinstated that as the technology keeps advancing forward, the public behaviors of obtaining information have shifted accordingly to a modern approach of absorbing information from social media. Due to the changes, it enables small groups of people to influence the media and people through the composition of fake news for various reasons. To effectively encounter the spread of misleading information, we must disseminate true and accurate information in a quick timely manner as possible because the longer fake news dominating the media, the higher risks and harms would be escalated inevitably. 

He continued that we should not believe or refer to the information without specific sources and we must not speculate or prejudge the situation, indeed we have to scrutinize before spreading or sharing. 

Lastly, his excellency expressed that Ministries and Institutions need to broadcast official releases as many as possible since the distribution of valid and reliable information is the most effective approach to encounter the spread of fake news as well as to increase public awareness in order to gather the participation for more active support to the governmental institutions. 

SOURCE: Ministry of Information | By: Kimlong HAK