LyLy Food Industry founder Keo Mom: If the Business Follows the Same Routine, It Will Face a Collapse​

With nearly 10 years of company management experience, Lok Chumteav Oknha Keo Mom, Managing Director and Founder of LyLy Food Industry, said that to do business we cannot do the same routine; we have to adapt and change to modern technology in the present day or else our business will be at risk in the future.

In an interview with BizKh Asia, this female entrepreneur said, “When you do business, and we don't move on with time, our business will shrink and be at risk of collapse. So, we need to keep the business up to date. We have to invest every three or five years, which is absolutely necessary because more capital means more expansion.”

In addition, we as business owners need to improve our capability by attending workshops to add more self-knowledge, information about market, expand network, learn and explore  the potential of market expansion both domestically and internationally.

Therefore, learning more is a must for managing your company, and additional capital is required like in Japan, their company has been around for hundreds of years and it is still sustainable and functional. But for us in Cambodia, the company is still short-lived, so for business owners who think their business is good enough and there's no need to expand, although it may seem to be enough now, it may not be in the future. This is the sharing of this wonderful director. 

“If they learn to walk, we must learn to walk, if they run, we must run so we can succeed together,” said Mrs. Keo Mom.