Cambodia Can Afford COVID-19 Vaccine for Ensuring Health Security​

COVID-19 vaccine is affordable for Cambodia to ensuring health security since it is known worldwide that the vaccines of COVID-19 discovered by Russia and China will be available soon. 

Her Excellency Or Vandin, Secretary of State and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, confirmed that Cambodia is waiting for concise information from the World Health Organization (WHO) on two types of COVID-19 vaccines such as Chinese’s CanSinoBio and Russian’s Gamaleya Research Institute, even if these two vaccines are in the final phase of a clinical trial. 

Mrs. Vandin reinstated that Cambodia is one of the member states of the Vaccine Alliance (GAVI). To gain from the scheme, the Ministry of Health has already proposed a non-binding expression of interest for COVID-19 vaccine to COVAX facility of GAVI. Therefore, Cambodia sincerely hopes to receive the vaccine for COVID-19 for protecting our citizens’ health. 

From the personal perspective, the trend of COVID-19 contributes a lot of positive aspects as Russia has already declared its vaccine and China is currently proceeding its study on the third phase or more, especially they are pushing for finish their experiment to ensure complete accuracy on the vaccine on human in avoidance with any accidental harm when using. For the Ministry of Health under the high regard of His Excellency Mam Bun Heng, Cambodia is a member of the International Vaccine Alliance. Thus, if there is an official declaration or announcement on the COVID-19 vaccine, Cambodia can have the probability to afford or receive the vaccine. 

Her Excellency added that developed countries or superpowers aim to enhance a progressive development of COVID-19 vaccine and in accordance with the technical principality, the development of vaccine requires long-term to scrutinize and evaluate from phase to phase.

Her Excellency mentioned that if the assertion that Russia and China have successfully developed vaccines are verified, Cambodia is looking forward to obtaining good news for the effectiveness of the vaccines. 

SOURCE: Ministry of Information | By: Kimlong