Chheng Makara, Co-Founder of InBizNest: Two crucial points to consider before starting a business​

Do not just focus on the success and milestones of some of the great business owners and you become so self-absorbed into following their footsteps that you lose sight of all the obstacles behind their success.

Before starting a business, you should be well-prepared in all aspects by receiving knowledge from experts and professionals and having experiences in that specific area of business.

Chheng Makara, the co-founder of InBizNest which has more than 60 branches across Phnom Penh and a few potential provinces, shared the two techniques that one should use to prepare themselves before starting a start-up.

This co-founder added that before starting a business, it is essential that we consider everything carefully. The first crucial step is to scrutinize the present-day market, now that the market has become digital, everything depends on the Internet.  Plus, we need to consider how huge is the market we want in, who will be our customers, and how we will communicate with them.

Mr. Makara emphasized that business owners are required to possess different skills including business management in managing all operations within the business, as these operations require us to study and analyze for methods as well as technical strategies. The reason behind the requirements of all these skills is the fact that different businesses will be in different situations and obstacles will arise in unforeseen circumstances.

By: Lay Kimsreng