Horm Samnang, CEO of ALDO HR, tells a key to long-term business success​

Nowadays, most people are very interested in starting their own business because they think that they can gain more financial benefits and they have much time to relax. However, running a business is not that easy. Some businesses are able to prosper for a long term, and some are not doing very well and fall to the point where they go bankrupt or shut down. Why? Horm Samnang, CEO of ALDO HR, said business owners or businessmen should not focus on revenues, but think about long-term business instead.

Mr. Samnang added that for any business or business owner, do not mainly focus on money, but leave that as the second priority because in any business, money comes naturally. If there is no income, it's not called a business. But the main thing that business owners should think about in the long run is the quality of your products or services.

Mr. Samnang emphasized by bringing up an example that if you sell dishwashing soap with good quality and you will definitely have a lot of support. Your product will gain word of mouth. Cambodians support domestic products, especially when they have an understanding of each other.

Business owners should avoid cheating. When a busines has a strong sales pitch and has a lot of support, the owners start selling counterfeit products in large quantities to gain more profit. That behavior is likely killing yourself and your business life.

“It is my personal request, I hope that business owners will think about quality first because when our quality, service, and product are good, the money will come later,” said Mr. Somnang.