Te Hengly, A Former 2019 Khmer Literature Outstanding Student: 5 Keys to Achieve Learning Success in Khmer Literature​

Mrs. Te Hengly has a photo taken with Prime Minister Hun Sen

Te Hengly was a former 2019 Khmer Literatures Outstanding Student in National Outstanding Examination and A-Grade A student in Nation Exam. Currently, Mrs. Hengly is pursuing her academic degree at the Institute of Foreign Languages. She shared her learning experiences and tips that motivate her to become an outstanding student in Khmer Literature.  

  1. Keep Reading
    Reading is the most essential element in composing an essay writing. Some students may dislike Reading; however, you should bear in mind that once reading becomes a hobby, you will find it interesting and undull. To make an achievement, you must set a clear goal and target, then stay focused.

  2. Comprehensive Understanding of Most Khmer Literatures
    Reading literature is not only to finish but to comprehensively captured all the plots. Thus, students need to conduct an analytical study on each character as well as the story that the authors compiled in order to obtain some ideas and raise examples to write an essay.

  3. Follow Social Trends and Updates
    Apart from reading literature, you also may refer to the reading of social news includes environment, social, and history. Social news and updates could enhance their knowledge and awareness of writing since writing an essay require students to highlight examples from literature, history as well as a social reality.

  4. Practices as much as possible
    Students should spend more time on writing practice aside from normal studying hours. The more you practice, the more convenient you will obtain when it comes to actual writing as well as the better results you will get.

    Furthermore, students should understand specifically the essay format especially on explanatory, discussion, and comparative essays. Indeed, you should perceive the certain requirement of each essay format and how to accurately interpret the topics. Also, students could learn how to connect examples that retrieved from the existing documents.

  5. Improve Hand Writing and Clear Font style
    Good writing also requires clear and good handwriting. It does not matter whether your font is small or big, the important aspect is the consistency of font style. In addition, you need to maintain a good-looking paper and avoid deleting, crossing, skipping lines, and distorted lines.

    Studying hard is good, but maintain a healthy lifestyle is more important; therefore, you need to get a well-rest and absorb nutrition diet because being healthy is one of the aspects to achieve learning success.

    Each and every person is born differently, some possess natural cleverness but some do not. But Miracle derives from hard work, effort, and contribution to overcoming obstacles. Thus, if you have yet to receive a satisfying result, you must not lose hope but try harder to reach your destination. 

By: Kimlong