Product quality and standard is something that every entrepreneur should pay attention to​

Usually, business practice is for the purpose of getting returns. Nowadays, we can see that there are some business owners who see the value of money as superiority over the lives of others, so they use the business to maximize profit without caring about consumers. 

Song Khenglean, the managing director of CSL Enterprise, said: “No one who goes out to run a business would do it without considering the benefits in terms of profit; however, while earning a profit, they should pay more attention to their responsibility toward the goods or services that they produce. Since his company is food production, he put emphasizes on the safety and quality of the product.

He added: "We know that fried foods are not good for our health, but everyone needs some sort of fat. CSL tries to produce standard fried foods in accordance with most dietary rules. All CSL production processes, from the purchase of raw materials to the products, have undergone high quality hygiene inspection, even with the distilled oil being properly branded.

In response to questions about the product or service that each business owner produces, Mr. Khenglean also stated that producing food or a product, or creating services, the business owner must make sure that they dare to consume the food that they produce himself or herself. If they themselves do not dare to eat, then why sell it to the consumers? Ask yourself whether you are doing business or creating karma?

In addition, the production of food is to provide customers with delicious taste, but the he does not encourage mass consumption because consuming too much fried-food is bad for health. 

He added: "Every day if we do not celebrate kindness toward others, the least we can do as an entrepreneur is that we should not lie to our customers for your own advantages. We must produce healthy food for health and safety." This is a great responsibility one must always pay attention to.

Also, CSL Enterprise is a Khmer enterprise that supplies various kinds of snacks such as banana chips, cassava chips, cashew nuts, roasted peanuts, mangos, and more. 

Covid-19 has had effect on many businesses, forcing some to temporarily close and some to permimently shut down. As the managing director of CSL, Mr. Khenglean is to keep momentum of the business by using various stragtegies and utilizing resouces.  

By: Tan Somphors