40,000 Tourists Visit Mondulkiri Province on the 5-day Khmer New Year Holiday​

May people visit one of tourist destinations in Mondulkiri province. | Photo: Information Ministry

On the occasion of replacement Khmer New Year holiday, Mondulkiri Province, located in the northeastern part of Cambodia, became one of the most attractive tourist destinations thanks to a cold atmosphere, beautiful nature, and better infrastructures. 

Interestingly, resorts, hotels, and guesthouses were full of reservations during the 5-day holiday; therefore, some tourists decided to stay at relatives’ houses, local accommodations, or pagodas.

Tourists visit a tourist site in Mondulkiri province. | Photo: Information Ministry

Apparently, all tourist sites, resorts, and tourism-related businesses were highly scrutinized by His Excellency Svay Sam Eang, the governor of Mondulkiri province, and the Department of Professional Unit.

All those facilities had to implement Tourist Safety in accordance with the instructions and guidelines of the Ministry of Health in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The preventative measures are temperature measurement, alcohol handwashing, wearing masks, and maintain social distancing. 

Ngin Sovimean, Head of Department of Tourism in Mondulkiri Province, stated that during the 5-day holiday from 17 to 21 August, approximately 43,714 visitors came to visit Mondulkiri Province. The Following figure included 43,510 nationals and 204 foreigners. In addition, the current number indicates a 68.58% increase compared to the 2019 Khmer New Year. Mr.

He added that some popular tourist destinations in province are Busra Waterfall, O'Plai Waterfall, Leng Khin Waterfall, Phnom Dos Kramoum, and Phnom Andong Sneh. 

The head of the department also emphasized that the factors behind the annual increase of tourists due to the fact that this province has developed its potential in tourism and many natural places have been renovated into tourist sites as well as the security and safeness are ways better than the past which enables tourists to visit with full of joy and convenience.  

It is worth noting that currently, 36-natural sites are available for tourists to spend their holiday, including waterfalls, indigenous cultural resorts, mountainous sites, fascinating landscapes, indigenous villages, sea forests, tourists’ communities, wildlife sanctuary, and cool climate. 

SOURCE: Ministry of Information | By: Kimlong