An entrepreneur with more than 10 branches in hand shares 2 strategies for branch expansion​

After the business is going smooth and strong, most business owners or entrepreneurs will start thinking about expanding their business. Chheng Makara, co-founder of InBizNest, a company with more than 10 business branches, shared two main strategies that business owners need to think about and prepare before expanding their business. 

Mr. Makara mentioned that after we see that our business market is there and our customers know us, expansion is an important step. This relies on two things. The first is the human resources and the second is the system, both of which need to go together because if we do not have a clear management system, we will waste a lot of human resources.

He added that once we have the human resources that are already in training and understand the company's work, they will be able to accomplish the company's plans, and most importantly, we need to have a good management system. 

He added that in order for leaders to know how the new place is operating, we have to have a clear system or structure. In other words, we need to have a model in place to manage our product whether it meets our plans or not. If not, what solutions should we have so that we can respond to the challenges we face when expanding business branches. 

By: Tan Somphors