Lun Borey, CEO of 3G Agent: "7 Principles That Help Your Business Become Sustainable"​

Starting a business is difficult, but making it become sustainable is even harder. Lun Borey, CEO of 3G Agent Co., Ltd shared his 7 principles that help his business become sustainable.

1) Choosing and taking care of your team well
If you don’t have a good and productive team, your business cannot grow; however, it will hinder your business’ ability to sustain and expand. Doing a business is about human resource management and if there are no skilled workers, then a business cannot grow and mature.

2) Setting clear target customers
The support from customers helps a business grow, so it is important to set customer goals accordingly. Do a thorough research on the type of service or product to suit the demand of customers in the market.

3) Having leadership skills
Successful businesses depend on good leader. A good leader is someone who makes good decisions, has a clear vision and sees great opportunities in any tough time. In order for a business to continue to grow, the business owner needs to be a strong and effective leader at every stage of growth and change in the business.

4) Efficiency of operational management
The effectiveness of operational management drives cost-effectiveness and embedded thinking in the work culture, making it clear that the team contributes to reducing unnecessary costs. This helps to ensure that organizational activities are in line with the business needs and sustainability.

5) Defining strategies to improve institutional reputation
Focus on improving your business reputation. Develop a culture that contributes to the growth of your customers and community. This is a sustainable way of growing a business that will benefit in the future. You need to always pay close attention to the vision and core values of your brand.

6) Paying attention to your competitors
You need to pay attention to your competitors and monitor their changes. Most importantly, you must ensure that what is being done is different from your competitors to ensure sustainability.

7) Always looking for new opportunities
You need to analyze any new opportunities in your business by understanding geographical and human aspects and especially analyze the local and foreign markets that affect your business. There are many new opportunities that you can find immediately if you do the analysis correctly.

Mr. Lun Borey is a specialist in human resource development and business strategy that has helped many companies succeed. For more information, contact 092 11 92 92 or

By: An Yuulin