An outstanding entrepreneur shares 6 tips to get ready before starting a business​

What have you prepared to get ready before deciding to open up your own business? In fact, starting a business unquestionably requires entrepreneurs to be fully well-prepared beforehand.

Dr. Nam Chamnan, co-founder of Melvin Dental Care, shared her six unique tips of preparation before starting a business.

Dr. Chamnan shaid that the first tip is to study hard. Students who are currently in college/university have to study hard and master their intended major. When they have clear skills and specialties, they will be successful in anything they do because they will only have to apply those skills.

Tip 2: Don’t start a business just yet after finishing school: It is better to find a job that you might want to start a similar business in the future after finishing school. Thus, it will help you learn how the work is done, and more than that, you will have an opportunity to save up and form connections with customers.

Tip 3: Keep learning: We need to learn more and discover new knowledge because everything seems new when we start working at first, but we will get used to the work the more we do it. Thus, it requires us to continue to learn new things.

Tip 4: Strengthen your technological and language skills: English and computer skills are really important. As we know, the job market today is very competitive, and if we don’t have the required skills, it will be hard to to compete for jobs.

Tip 5: Don’t be too proud of yourself: When we start to open up a business, we must admit that even if we have 10 years of work experience, we don’t really know what challenges others have gone through to get strong. Their story and challenge are different from ours so we must be humble and observe individuals that work in the same field and try to gain experience from them.

Tip 6: Know your target customers: If we have a business but don’t know who our target customer is, it will be really difficult to succeed. Business owners should know where their target customers are, whether local or out of the area, to keep the business sustainable.

By: Yuulin An