12-year success, in-six-week failure: Airbnb​

Success does not happen overnight; it takes time, and consumes effort, energy and perseverance. On the way to success, there are many obstacles to challenge. However, it can be easily destroyed. 

This happens on Brian Chesky, Co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, which is an American online marketplace company offering arrangement for lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences, due to Covid-19 pandemic. 

In an interview on CNBC, Chesky said, "It took us 12 years to build Airbnb, and we lost almost everything in four to six weeks."

Airbnb is facing the uncertainty because of the covid-19. “Tourism as we knew it is over. I don't want to say that the journey is over. Tourism as we knew it is over. I don't want to say that the journey is over, but rather that the model we knew has died and will not return. We are going to get in our cars, drive a few kilometers to a small community and stay in a house,” said Chesky. 

According to World Travel and Tourism Council, Covid-19 is likely to affect 75 million jobs, resulting in 2.1 trillion dollars loss.

Airbnb is going to go on public markets this year, but it needs to recondiser.  

By: LUNG Vannak