Ministry of Tourism Calls on Business Owners to be Vigilant During the KNY Holidays​

A temperature tester and alcohol are for customers to clean their hands before they go in a restaurant. Photo: Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia ordered owners of restaurants in Phnom Penh and all provinces to be highly vigilant and follow strict Covid-19 preventative measures of the ministry during this 5-day Khmer New Year holidays.

The safety measures include hand sanitation, social distancing, temperature checks, wearing face masks, cleaning restrooms and areas where crowded people get involved, and other regulations.

Cambodia is celebrating a re-scheduled 5-day Khmer New Year holiday nationwide, starting from 17 August till 21 August. 

According to the ministry, on the second day of the holidays, there were 277,078 tourists visiting tourist destination sites in the Kingdom. 

By: LUNG Vannak