Siem Reap Provincial Authorities Plan to Improve the Tourism Industry​

The photo of Angkor Water temple

On August 13, 2020, H.E. Tea Seiha, governor of Siem Reap province, met with the Tour Guide Association members, taxi drivers, tricycle drivers with the purpose of discussing to seek solutions and lay the foundations to mitigate the hits on the tourism industry as a result of Covid-19.

Ngov Sengkak, the director of Siem Reap provincial tourism department, said that the effect of Covid-19 has posed challenges for tour guides of all languages and taxi and tuk-tuk drivers with their daily income. In addition, many sellers, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, and all tourism-related businesses are encountering the same issues.

The leader of the Tour Guide Association for the English Language also added that the sharp decline in income has made it difficult for them to pay to keep their tourism license active.

All affiliated groups of people have requested and urged the governor and the director to help resolve the issues by creating events for domestic travelers and guided tours of the historic province, especially during the upcoming public holidays.

To alleviate the difficulties, the governor collaborates with the Union Youth Federations of Cambodia in Siem Reap province, the provincial health ministry, and the local authorities of all 12 districts to organize events for the Khmer New Year public holidays, which have been moved from mid-April to mid- August due to health concerns. This is also an opportunity for Cambodians to further learn about our heritage, traditions, and cultures and how the local people are helping to preserve our cultures.

Mr. Tea Seiha also emphasized that he will keep all members dependent on the tourism industry informed of events so that they can find some extra daily income for their families. Also, the local authority needs them to help with promoting and explaining the local cultures. He also added that they will not just host events for public holidays, but also work to expand the tourist sites in smaller districts and regions beyond post-pandemic.


Sources: Ministry of Information || By: Sokhoeun Noeut