Female entrepreneur founds a social enterprise by creating products using coconuts​

Discovering the potential of coconut crops planted and inherited from the previous generations in the land of Kampong Chhnang province and her love of social businese, Di Vichra decided to found an artisanal shop “PHKA Doung Handicraft” in 2018. Since then, this craft shop has helped creat revenues for the locals through buying coconuts from about 1500 families.

Interviewd with BizKh.Asia, Ms. Vichra, the founder of PHKA Doung Handicraft told that she took 100% organic coconuts from the locals to produce coconut oil products. Moreover, the potential of coconuts allows the craft shop to process coconut into other craft products such as teapot case, coconut shell plate, coconut shell coal and composts.

For the market of these products, she said nowadays these products received a substantial support. For international market, these products are in preparation stage.

Even though Ms. Vichra has received criticism for this business idea, her love and determination push her to continue even going through many obstacles.

"If you want to open any business, you need to find what make us engage in it? What make us persevere when the starting point produce no results? These are the points we need to think about," she said.

Although nowadays, her business is still small, she has clear purposes which are to help the people in the community through getting them jobs and contribute to increase local production. Obviously nowadays, besides helping farmers through buying their coconuts, crafting coconut products also create a lot of career opportunities for people in the communities.