How can we enhance effectiveness in a teamwork?​

“While you are in the process of seeking your dream, it is essential to make other people believe in your common dream. I often tell my team that the most difficult mission while launching a business is to have others have confidence in the common dream.”, said Nouth Roatha, CEO of Romdoul Media Co,. Ltd.

A great collaboration between employees or team members is one of the most important factors in driving a business or company to operate efficiently and improve quickly. 

Additionally, Ms. Roatha added that providing motivation and encouraging cooperation are important characteristics that help push us to achieve our common dream. A dream will easily become a reality so long as a team is willing to work together with a strong belief. A great teamwork may also help us to exceed far beyond our expectations.

This young CEO also emphasized that while we are fighting our way to reach our dream, it is definitely a fact that we will encounter obstacles and mistakes. Therefore, it is necessary that you guide your team, motivate them to learn from their mistakes, and turn obstacles into opportunities and rejections into perseverance and personal development. Most importantly, try to find ways to create strong ambitions and confidence among the team in continuing the journey to reach the common dream together.

So, as a company director, business owner, or leaders, it is mandatory to study and understand the people in your team. Inspire, provide hope, and be with them so that they feel that their participations and contributions will enable the whole team to be prosperous and successful together. 

By: Noeut Sokhoeun