Seng Takakneary, CEO of SentoSaSilk: Before starting a business, we need to know the business story​

The CEO of SentoSaSilk Co. Ltd., and the president of the Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs Association (CWEA), Seng Takakneary, shared a tip for starting a business, "If we want to run a business, we need to know the business story first".

In fact, experience is one of the key elements that is required of all individuals before starting a business. Mrs. Takakneary stated that if we do not have enough experience yet, we should work for other companies to gain experience for a period of time.

If we are capable, we can choose to work for a large company to learn more about the management system. In addition, if we are working in a small company, it is also helpful because we will be able to see different problems and solutions of those companies.

In addition, she said, "It is crucial that you understand the story behind the business before starting one, how the big business is organized compared to family business. And then we can better prepare ourselves by joining various training courses."

Mrs. Takakneary continued by stressing that, "the most important thing to start a business is having the knowledge and to learn because the beginning is like having or starting with a blank piece of paper. We need to ask ourselves what we can write on this piece of paper? Personally, I would recommend going to work for a company for a period of time, no matter it is a big company or a family-owned company. That will help us at least 50%. ” 

"To succeed in doing something, always give more than you gain," she emphasized.

By: Tan Somphors