San KimSorng, A Former 2019 Maths Medalist: 5 Tips to Improve Mathematical Skills​

Mr. San Kimsang

When talking about math, most students often complain about the challenges and difficulties. In an attempt to solve and minimize the problems, we should obtain several key learning tips. San KimSorng, a former 2019 Math Medalist in the National Outstanding Students Examination, shared his strategies to enhance the mathematical skills and acquire a better result in math. 

  1. Memorizing Formulas
    Genuinely, the basic technique to solve math problems requires the use of formulas and theoretical explanations that are listed in the study curriculum. Also, formulas and theory in math in the pathway for students to solve the exercise correctly and accurately in accordance with the standard. 
  2. Starting from Easier to Harder Exercises
    Before starting to solving math problems, students need to ensure that they are capable of understanding theories in the lesson. During the completion of exercises, if the students get bored and stressed out, they should consider solving easy exercises. By doing so, they will be motivated when they successfully solve one or two exercises. When encountering hard problems, students should concentrate and solve the exercises on the basis of the step-by-step process. 

  3. Practice Makes Perfect
    Practice is the key aspect for students to improve math skills due to the fact doing exercises repeatedly increases the chances of memorizing the methods and formulas to puzzle out the problems. Also, the practice boosts our thinking capability and elucidate a clear mathematical method.

  4. Solving Previous Examination Paper Exercises
    Once the students practice solving the previous examination papers, they will know exactly about the capacity and capability of their knowledge and understanding because it allows students to know whether or not their answers are accurate compared to the answer sheets or time limit. Consequently, students would also build their confidence when it comes to the official exam since they were already familiar with the exam format and instruction. 

  5. Get an Advisor
    Seeking for help or recommendations is one of the essential elements to solve the problems that students is struggling with or having no idea about the solutions. Friends, teachers, or seniors can be the effective advisors that you could request or ask for clarification or explanation on the exercises.

    Every problem has its own solution. Although you are struggling miserably in studying math, you must not demotivate or discourage, instead remember where there is a will, there is the way. We sincerely believe that by working hard, fellow students will achieve a remarkable result in the upcoming examination.

    It is worth notice that San KimSorng was a former 2019 Math Medalist in the National Outstanding Students Examination and a Grade A student in the baccalaureate national examination in 2019. Currently, Mr. KimSorng is perusing his studies at the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP), majoring in Business Administration.