Bun Chanvirak Aims to Create an Agro-Tourism Farm in Kompong Chhnang​

Mr. Bun Chanvirak, an agri-tourism farmer in Kompong Chhnang province. Photo: Information Ministry

In spite of the fact that raising sheep is not a preferable occupation in Cambodia, a 25-year-old farmer Bun Chanvirak insists that raising sheep does not encounter many difficulties, and he believes that Cambodia can be a suitable location for absorbing and extracting the benefits from them. 

Mr. Bun Chanvirak and a sheep | Photo: Information Ministry

Mr. Chanvirak reinstated that his ultimate purpose of raising sheep is to transform an agricultural farm to an Agro-tourism farm, consisting of vegetables and animal farms located in Kompong Chhnang Province. 

The young farmer reported he started raising sheep in 2017. At the initial stage, Virak raised only 10 females and 1 male sheep, and the reason behind the decision of raising was to create a farm for tourism. 

Mr. Chanvirak, whose hometown is in Tuek Phos district, added that he is now praising with the sale of sheep for meat and currently he is raising approximately 100 sheep on his farm. At the same time, he is preparing to create an irrigation system on the farm in order to plant crops and vegetables. 

Bun Chanvirak's agri-tourism farm in Kompong Chhnang province | photo: Infomation Ministry

Despite not having technical skills in the agricultural sector, he used technology includes social media as a tool to research the methodology of raising sheep. He stated that he has faced several challenges due to the unclear awareness and technical knowledge to raise sheep. 

Currently, the plan on creating an Agro-tourism farm has not yet come to fruition, instead of the progress of raising sheep was quite successful. Retrieving from his contribution and effort clearly illustrates that young Cambodians generation is passionate about their goals and destinations as well as willingness to innovate creativity on the basis of Can-Do manner. 

Therefore, the proportional involvement of relevant institutions and specialized agencies is essential to encourage and provide experience and knowledge for Cambodian farmers to foster and sustain the growth of sheep raising. 

Source: Infomation Ministry | By: Kimlong