Founder of MSK Travel Sok Kheang: two tips to help a startup become more well-known​

Sok Kheang, the founder of MSK Travel, said doing business is the same, but it is important to know that how much we can help our customers. The more we can help our customers, the better it will help our business prosper rapidly.

"If we want a business to grow faster and be more well-known," he said, "first of all, we need to get to know ourselves very well. We need to know if we have anything good and different to offer. We also need to recognize if we have anything unique and what kind of service, we can provide in order for our business to prosper."

The second key mentioned by Mr. Sok Kheang is, after knowing very well our service and products, we need to take something special and unique to spread and offer to the customers so they will be aware even more about the business. The more they know about the products and services, the more they will successful our business is going to be.

In addition to the two key points, Mr. Kheang mentioned another strategy that MSK Travel is working on to get the company to compete in the market which is trying to give customers confidence. In summary, we need to provide customers with what they wanted such as happiness and joy in traveling. When they get what they are looking for, this will help our business to prosper in the future. 

MSK Travel is a local company specializing in providing tourism services and has been operating for almost 20 years.

By: Tan Somphors