Climate-Smart Agriculture in Battambang to Supply More Vegetables to Local Markets​

“Ta Sei Samki” Community is located in Ta Sei village, Ta Meun commune, Thma Kol district, Battambang is working on producing safe agricultural products using new efficient techniques to supply their own local markets for all year long. They plant crops using organic fertilizer, cow manure, and they have organized plans.

Planting crops inside the enclosed nets yields higher productivity than in the traditional farm because it prevents pests and outside fungi from destroying the crops. Currently, the community has about 100 families working together. The community plans to expand its farm to 40 hectares (99 acres) due to the increasing demand in the market.

They are planting many different kinds of vegetables, but the top crop for export is the saw leaf herb. They are able to export about 2 to 3 tons a day, generating income between $2500 and $3750 daily for the community.

Source: Ministry of Environment | By: Noeut Sokhoeun