Khorn Chhundara, founder of Tube Café: There is good market for franchise sales in Cambodia​

While coffee is becoming one of the most popular products in Cambodian market, this opportunity has encouraged many coffee businesses to spring up all over Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. 

Consuming European-style coffee and meeting at expensive cafes have become a new and popular trend of the aristocrats living in Phnom Penh dominated by major international brands such as Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Coffee Bean, Costa and Amazon. 

At the same time, local coffee businesses have also developed their own brands and trademarks to meet the demand of modern coffee in order to compete for market share with foreign coffee brands. Khorn Chhundara, the founder of Tube Café and a home to Koi Thé, said that Tube Café is a brand-new café 100% created by Khmer citizen, from its Logo, design and the beverage components.

The new logo is aimed at competing in the market of ‘takeway coffee’ in Cambodia as the popularity of coffee consumption grows rapidly. Currently, Tube Café has sold five franchises in Phnom Penh, with the first branch located along Russian Federation Blvd in front of Kdan 2 park, the second is on 2nd floor of Aeon 2 mall, 3rd branch is behind Canadia Bank, the 4th Branch is in Chroy Changvar area, and the 5th branch is at BKKI. 

Mr. Chhundara added that the company’s vision was to expand its Franchise Sales to 20 branches by 2019 in Phnom Penh to meet the needs of the urban population for easy access to Khmer brand, also known as "Coffee Thnol" .

Mrs. Siv Vong, the owner of 5th Branch of Tube Café at BKKI, said that she enjoys ‘Coffee Thnol’ because it is delicious. The company also produces drinks from fresh fruits. With reasonable price, good service, she decided to buy the franchise and open the branch. Also, the area is rich in condominiums, schools, special hospitals as well as expats. Thus, she wants them to know that Khmer can also produce quality products, too.